We send all items you purchase in Furniture Emilio FREE to your home (Peninsula, Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla) for orders over 70.00 €. If your order does not exceed this amount, there will be a small increase of € 8.00 in respect of carriage.

By having separate legislation Canary Islands when receiving items from the Peninsula, the end customer will bear the expenses incurred by such delivery to be paid when collecting the items.

In the product price it is in addition to home delivery, including assembly of such product (if necessary), but the carrier is not allowed to upload any type of merchandise by the exterior facade or housing, as nor employ any pulleys or similar means to bring home the purchased both be on the outside or inside of the housing, building, etc ... so the customer must check that the products purchased have no place in the elevators or the stairs to get to your destination.


Delivery times typically range from 5 to 10 business days as articles, as long as there is no break of stock, which in that case will be communicated.

We offer you the possibility to withdraw their old equipment off, so we give the ease that the carrier will remove the old equivalent items that you purchased. Always remove the same number of items delivered, NOT remove more items delivered or any different furniture. The cost of removing the product is I.V.A € 12.00 incl.

The carrier also dismantled items to change, only limited to installing new and if necessary, remove the old. As items to be disassembled and removed must prepared for removal.

The possibility of removing the old equipment must be indicated at the time of purchase and not the delivery.


Prices are reviewed regularly. However, if we find that there has been a change in price or that an error in the price when we receive your order we will contact you and ask if you want to proceed with the purchase at the right price. And if you do not want to make the purchase or we can not contact you, we will proceed to refund the amount paid.